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Automatic Image Downloader

100% freeware!

Download all images from any website



Automatic Image Downloader is the ultimate tool that allows you to download wallpapers/images from any website, at bulk, with just one click.

Don't worry: the program will filter dull (low resolution images) for you.



Background wallpaper switcher

This bulk image downloader integrates with BioniX Wallpaper Switcher so you can immediately display downloaded images as background wallpapers.


Download all images at once
Preview images in real-time, as they are downloaded
Real time statistics
Automatically filter out low resolution images
Automatically filter out banners and ads (using keywords provided by user)
Set downloaded images as background wallpaper
Simplified GUI interface (switchable to Advanced GUI interface... for pros)
Restrict the download to a certain webpage, folder or entire website.
Download only webpages (for offline reading), only images or the entire website
Resumeable downloads

Safe for your system

No crapware (Java, DotNet, DLLs, IE, service packs, etc) required
Monolithic (single EXE file, no installation required)
Works in background (minimized to system tray) without bothering the user
100% freeware
100% clean




Bulk download wallpapers from webpage




Automatic Image Downloader

Version Date

v3.10 Freeware

Oct 2019







Yes. This program is freeware. It is supported by ads. Every time a user clicks an ad we gain 5-10 cents that go towards future development.



How to download all images at bulk from a website?
  1. Download Bulk Image Downloader. Double click to run it (yes, no installation required - just run it)
  2. Enter the of the webpage that you want to extract images from
  3. Choose the folder where to download the images
  4. Choose if you want to download only from a webpage or from the entire website
  5. Press Start and let the program finish.

It is recommended to activate the 'Save in subfolders' to prevent multiple images with the same name to overwrite each other.
The time required depends on your Internet connection speed and on the server's speed.



How to display downloaded images as background wallpaper?


Use the steps above to download images at bulk. When the download is over:

  1. Click the 'Use as wallpaper' button.
  2. The program will ask you where to save the playlist. Choose any folder you want.
  3. BioniX Wallpaper Background Switcher
  4. will automatically load the playlist and start showing the downloaded images as background wallpaper. Note: if you don't have BioniX in your computer, click the 'Get BioniX' button to download it.



Start a bulk image download now


Below is a short demo list of background wallpaper websites. Just copy one of the links below into the program and press 'Start download'.
Cool trick for faster download: You can start two instances of Bulk Automatic Image Downloader and download two different websites in parallel.


Website Content Resolution Speed


Wallpapers, Artistic

ok ok

Free images, wallpaper, artistic images

Super high High



Super nice wallpaper collection

ok Super-high
BioniX Background Wallpaper

Hand picked wallpapers

High ok
www.planwallpaper.com     Super-high



decent, some India-related content


Adult content


Poor, duplicate images


* You can get banned if you download too fast. However, you can limit the download speed in our Bulk Automatic Image Downloader. See 'Settings -> Server delay'.



If you know a good source of high quality wallpapers please let us know and we will add them here (our email address is in the program). Your feedback is highly appreciated.




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